Primus Machinist Skillbridge Internship

Primus Aerospace is developing a DoD Skillbridge / Career Skills Program (CSP) to assist transitioning service members start a career as a CNC machinist.  Additional

Machinist working on Mazak lathe

details will be forthcoming but Primus Aerospace is excited to begin working with patriots transitioning from the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Marine Corps who are interested in CNC machinist careers in Colorado.  Primus Aerospace offers a training course for transitioning service members to help start veterans on their machinist career.

Participation in DoD Skillbridge programs is open to all veterans, including service-disabled veterans.   Completing the machinist Skillbridge internship with Primus Aerospace is intended to arm veterans with the knowledge and experience to start their career as a CNC machinist.

While all service members will be welcome to apply, we are especially excited to work with transitioning service members with technical ability / interest.  This includes:

  • United States Marine Corps – USMC
    • 2161 Machinist
    • 1341 Engineer Equipment Mechanic
    • 1342 Small Craft Mechanic
    • 3513 Body Repair Mechanic
    • 3521 Automotive Organizational Technician
    • 3522 Automotive Intermediate Mechanic
    • 3523 Vehicle Recovery Mechanic
    • 3524 Fuel and Electrical Systems Mechanic
    • 3525 Crash/Fire/Rescue Vehicle Mechanic
    • 6061 Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic-Trainee
    • 6062 Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic
    • 6113 Helicopter Mechanic, CH-53
    • 6114 Helicopter Mechanic, UH/AH-1
    • 6116 Tiltrotor Mechanic, MV-22
    • 6122 Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-58
    • 6123 Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-64
    • 6124 Helicopter Power Plants Mechanic, T-400/T-700
    • 6132 Helicopter/Tiltrotor Dynamic Components Mechanic
  • United States Navy – USN Ratings
    • Aviation Machinist Mate (AD)
    • Machinist Mate (MM / MMN / MMA)
  • United States Army – USA MOS
    • 15G Aircraft Structural Repairer
    • 15H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer
    • 15N Avionic Mechanic
    • 91A M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer (formerly 63A)
    • 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (formerly 63B)
    • 91C Utilities Equipment Repairer (formerly 52C)
    • 91D Power Generation Equipment Repairer (formerly 52D)
    • 91E Allied Trades Specialist (formerly 91E and 91W)
    • 91F Small Arms/Towed Artillery Repairer (formerly 45B)
    • 91G Fire Control Repairer (formerly 45G)
    • 91H Track Vehicle Repairer (formerly 63H)
    • 91J Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (formerly 63J)
    • 91L Construction Equipment Repairer (formerly 62B)
    • 91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer (formerly 63T)
    • 91P Self Propelled Artillery Systems Maintainer (formerly 63D)
    • 91S Stryker Systems Maintainer
    • 89B Ammunition Specialist
    • 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist
  • United States Air Force – USAF
    • 2A3X3 – Tactical Aircraft Maintenance
    • 2A3X4 – Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (A-10, U-2, F-15, F-16)
    • 2A3X5 – Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (F-22, F-35, MQ-1, MQ-9, RQ-4)
    • 2A3X7 – Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (5th Generation)(F-22, F-35)
    • 2A3X8 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance
    • 2A5X1 – Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance
    • 2A5X2 – Helicopter/Tiltrotor Aircraft Maintenance
    • 2A5X3 – Mobility Air Forces Electronic Warfare Systems
    • 2A5X4 – Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance
    • 2A6X1 – Aerospace Propulsion
    • 2A6X2 – Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE)
    • 2A6X3 – Aircrew Egress Systems
    • 2A6X4 – Aircraft Fuel Systems
    • 2A6X5 – Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
    • 2A6X6 – Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems
    • 2A7X1 – Aircraft Metals Technology
    • 2A7X2 – Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)
    • 2A7X3 – Aircraft Structural Maintenance[8]
    • 2A7X5 – Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance
    • 2A8X1 – Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems
    • 2A8X2 – Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems
    • 2A9X1 – Bomber/Special Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems
    • 2A9X2 – Bomber/Special Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems
    • 2A9X3 – Bomber/Special Electronic Warfare and Radar Surveillance Integrated Avionics
    • 2M0X2 – Missile and Space Systems Maintenance
    • 2T3X1 – Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance
    • 2T3X1A – Fire Truck and Refueling Maintenance
    • 2T3X1C – Material Handling Equipment Maintenance
    • 2W0X1 – Munitions Systems
    • 2W1X1 – Aircraft Armament Systems


We are particularly interested in working with Colorado Military installations, including:

  • Fort Carson – FCCO
  • Peterson Air Force Base – PAFB
  • US Air Force Academy – USAFA
  • Buckley Air Force Base – BAFB
  • Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station – CMAFS
  • Schriever Air Force Station – SAFS

To learn more about participating in the Primus Skillbridge Machinist Program, please check out our open roles or reach out to our Human Resources team at

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