Primus Aerospace Culture

Culture is the foundation to how the Primus Aerospace team collaborates to deliver mission critical aerospace and defense machined parts to our customers.   It takes CNC machinists, CNC programmers, quality inspectors, supply chain professionals, and the host of other specialties working in concert to deliver for our customers everyday.



Grow and expand precision machining capabilities to ensure strong US national defense and advanced space exploration.



Rapidly program and scale production of precision machined components that support warfighters, space explorers, aviators, the flying public and OEMs on the national defense and aerospace platform.



Primus Aerospace produces complex machined components & integrated assemblies for the aerospace and national defense sectors.  We work directly with Tier 1 aerospace and defense companies to develop and implement manufacturing solutions for machined metal parts, with a special emphasis on the overlap of high rate and complexity.  We are passionate about supporting US defense, space, and aerospace programs.



Pride in our contribution


We take great pride in our contribution to the aerospace industry and how we support our mission critical customers. Using an inside-out approach, we care for ourselves, our team members, our work-areas, the quality of our parts, our community and our world.

Excellence through Continuous Improvement

We deliver for our customers through precision machining and operational excellences. Continuous Improvement is the corner stone for our work philosophy.

Respect for all

We respect ourselves and each other for our personal decisions in and outside of work. Being safe and secure as an individual and member of a community is critical to our success.

Growth mindset

We know where we are going and invest in our aspirations to achieve more as individuals, team, and community members.  Personal Responsibility, Curiosity and Desire drives a will to better ourselves as high performing team members.


The core of our aerospace manufacturing team is the CNC machinist.  Our machinists have the opportunity to advance in their careers, from people who start as finishing / deburr technicians through basic operators and setup machinists.


Primus Aerospace actively participates in programs to preserve our world’s limited resources and promotes practices to save our planet’s resources. We recycle over 95% of our excess metal totaling over half a million pounds of scrap recycled each year. We encourage all our customers and employees to move to paperless environments, energy conservation, and recycling programs. We promote the use of recycled and organic materials and also rely on energy efficient practices and equipment to provide substantial reductions in our energy usage.