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International Space Station (ISS) Layout

Manufacturing Space Station Components

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The International Space Station is a modular space station located in low Earth orbit. This feat of engineering was accomplished through collaboration between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Boeing, Space X, Northrup Grumman Corporation, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Roscosmos (Russia), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. In addition to these […]

Amanda Hoyt as new Lakewood GM

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Primus Aerospace is excited to announce the promotion of Amanda Hoyt to General Manager of our Lakewood, Colorado facility.  Amanda has served with the company for ~10 years and is an invaluable member of the Primus team. Amanda most recently served in the role of Senior Account Manager demonstrating her ability to drive product deliveries […]


Machined defense parts

Defense Turnkey Program Manufacturing Services

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Primus Aerospace     Capability: Turnkey Program Manufacturing Services   Description: With our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, Primus Aerospace offers turnkey program manufacturing of high-precision, high-complexity machined products for the aerospace, defense, and deep space industries. We manage the entire manufacturing program, from engineering and design to tooling, multi-axis precision machining, assembly, and specialty processes. Our services […]

Barnes Drill Company Vertical Hone

Aerospace honing now offered by Primus Aerospace

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What is honing? Honing is mechanical finishing process used by aerospace machine shops and outside processors to achieve a precision surface on a metal part.  Hones use superabrasives, also known as a honing stone, to a specific finish over the entirety of a metal surface.  These abrasive stones are configured on a tool assembly to […]

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3D Printing laser TI powder fusion

3D printing aerospace parts

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This article provides an overview of the differences between additive and subtractive manufacturing, 3D printing technologies, 3D printing applications for aerospace and defense parts, and a look at how Primus utilizes titanium printing to support customers.    What is the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques?  Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the process […]

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Primus waterjet cutting center

Aerospace waterjet cutting for parts production

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The aerospace and defense supply chain produces highly engineered and tightly manufactured parts to support civilian and military applications.  Delivering complex aircraft, such as the F-35 advanced fighter or Orion space capsule, requires the transformation of raw materials into finished parts.  Aerospace waterjet cutting is one capability that contributes to this value chain.   What […]

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Post-internship thoughts: Josh Trujillo

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My name is Josh Trujillo and I am a rising senior in the Colorado School of Mines Mechanical Engineering Department.  I recently completed an internship with Primus Aerospace’s Paradigm Division as a Process Engineer.   My story with Primus Aerospace started when Gary Vallencourt, the Vice President of Primus Aerospace Paradigm Division, was bitten by a […]

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Announcing Primus Aerospace’s Recent Acquisition of Paradigm CNC

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Expanding capabilities within low volume, high-complexity 5-axis machining to serve the space and satellite markets Lakewood, Colorado – Primus Aerospace, a leading supplier of complex machining and integrated assemblies for the Aerospace, Defense and Space markets, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Paradigm CNC. Primus Aerospace’s customer base requires the most demanding standards […]