Space & Satellite Systems

Within the space industry, satellites, rockets, autonomous and human-rated vehicles comprise the field of our experience.  The employees at Primus hold pride in the fact that almost every mission launched today contains Primus manufactured components.  Using our extensive built-to-print experience and our up-front design for manufacturability feedback, we aid in setting these types of programs up for success from the beginning of the design process.  These programs often require quick turnaround and highly complex manufacturing. Our extensive knowledge of titanium and other exotic materials allows us to leverage our experience in high-speed machining, lights out manufacturing and offline toolpath verification to meet these demanding deadlines. These platforms require some of the most challenging materials, tolerances and product configurations ranging from an array of metallics to composites and commonly including aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium. 

Primus Aerospace leverages its technical skills, elaborate process engineering, and 5-axis CNC programming knowledge to manufacture these highly complex, build-to-print components and combines our innovation and depth in assembly expertise used for higher-level systems needs.  We utilize separate facilities to maximize our performance to produce low volume, highly complex components versus high volume, medium, and complex production. Our multiple core competencies provide the unique ability to facilitate a brand new component design from development into full-rate production benefitting our customers with engineering support to achieve manufacturability, consistency of quality, reduced cost and shortened lead time all in the most cost-effective environment.  From conceptual design to 1st piece approval to FAA certification and then throughout the production lifecycle, Primus Aerospace offers your program the most industry experienced complex machining, assembly, test, and value-added solutions.  


Primus Aerospace is a best-in-class supplier of autonomous and human-rated build–to–print, components, and assemblies on a wide range of commercial, defense and space platforms.  Space vehicle, satellite and rocket structures, and components range from small, handheld hardware to large, complex assemblies such as primary structures, visual displays, pressure vessels, hatch doors, and motor components.  Details include the following:

  • optical housings
  • avionics boxes
  • complex sensor assemblies
  • thruster housings, manifolds
  • load structures for heat shields
  • backbone panels
  • parachute rings and containers
  • nozzles
  • metallic composite interfaces
  • seat structures
  • hatches
  • pressure vessel assemblies
  • mounting structures
  • gussets
  • latches
  • primary rings
  • nose cones
  • fins
  • landing gear
  • ribs
  • fuel doors
  • beams
  • shells
  • fracture critical components

Quality & Testing

Primus Aerospace implements the most advanced quality assurance programs to make sure our customers receive the highest grade components and assemblies for use in their space rated vehicles and satellite systems.  We have an extensive range of quality certifications and testing capabilities including:

  • Advanced Multi-System Variance Analysis
  • Analysis of Variances (ANOVA)
  • Real-time Quality Analysis of Data
  • AS9102 FAI Reporting
  • Manufacturing Control Plans
  • Inspection Control Plans
  • PPAP Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • AS 9100 certification 
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • SPC Data
  • Gage R&R Studies
  • Cpk/Ppk Studies
  • GD&T Fluency
  • Hi-Pot Testing
  • Conductivity & Continuity Testing
  • Helium Leak Checking
  • Click-Bond and Helicoil Assembly
  • Material Testing
  • Extensive supply chain
  • Offline CNC programing and verification/simulation 
  • J-Spec. Soldering Certification

Why Primus Aerospace?

Our decades of experience working with complex aerospace and defense designs gives us the upper hand advantage over competitors who find it difficult to match our level of experience and broad capabilities.  Our Six Sigma and Lean methodologies highlight our commitment to process improvement and error reduction.  For more information about our processes, certifications or capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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