Avionics Hardware Production

Supporting Commercial Aircraft and Ground Defense Communication Systems

We specialize in the hardware necessary for electronic systems on commercial aircraft and ground defense communication systems, including navigation, display, radar, radio, and other flight instruments and management hardware.

A Full Depth of Expertise

The needs of our customers are paramount, and we support your specific project requirements for components and subassemblies from inception through the final integration process. We also provide spares and aftermarket components for the platforms we produce.

  • High-complexity 5-axis machining of 3D printed components
  • Large and small envelope sizes available
  • Production for high and low volume platforms

Components and Services

We provide a variety of components and services for avionics to support every project through the entire lifecycle and deliver on your exact specifications.

  • Design for Manufacturability Analysis
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Integration (including electrical assembly)
  • Chassis
  • Heat Syncs
  • Doors
  • Mounting Bases
  • Pedestals

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our stringent testing procedures and quality assurance programs ensure you receive only the highest grade components for use in your systems. We have an extensive range of quality certifications and testing capabilities that uphold the quality of all our hardware. We constantly perform different testing processes to ensure the delivery of only the best product to our customers at every turn.

Learn more about our commitment to quality and how it is applied to every area of our work.