Differentiating Our Approach With Lean Six Sigma

The Primus Production System

At Primus, we follow the Lean Six Sigma methodology in an ongoing effort to enhance our integrated system of people, processes, and technology, which we refer to as the Primus Production System (PPS). This system-thinking approach has allowed us to create a world-class manufacturing process that truly differentiates us in the industry.

Sustaining Our Learnings Beyond the Moment

A core value and commitment at Primus is to maintain the momentum gained from continuous improvement. Identifying ways to enhance our work is critical – but sustaining those enhancements is even more so. In this way, our existing and new customers get the benefit of our internal improvements regardless of the type or duration of a project, or the time period during which it is being completed.

Lean at the Core

At our foundation is a must-have component of Lean Six Sigma: Standard Work, which we achieve by leveraging our standardized Quality Management System AS9100.

Workplace Organization

Workplace Organization, or 5S, is critical to any operation as it creates a visual factory – we strive to go beyond having a well-organized, user-friendly shop and also focus on additional operational enhancements, such as the elimination of foreign object debris.

Lean Six Sigma diagram

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

To ensure we are always improving and innovating our approach to our workplace function and culture, we must understand our current condition while keeping an eye on future and long-term targets. Only then can we effectively establish the next condition for improvement. Failure to understand where you are impedes your ability to move forward.

Lean Agile Thinking

The core principle of lean agile thinking is learning by doing: fail fast, fail often, fail cheap, and fail forward. In this way, we create a learning organization where there are no failures; only learning opportunities within a controlled environment to manage risk.

Manage for Daily Improvement (MDI)

Our Manage for Daily Improvement approach creates an environment of continuous improvement that begins on the shop floor and is supported by the leadership team. We practice an “inverted pyramid” function in which key decisions are made by our employees – where true value is added – in direct relationship with a specific process. The result is an engaged workforce operating under a self-managed change management methodology.

Primus Lean Thinking

While Six Sigma focuses on the elimination of variation, Primus Lean Thinking focuses on the elimination of waste in our business processes. By combining both, we create robust processes of continuous improvement.

Quality at the Source

We drive quality through mistake proofing, controlling CTQs, and building in the shortest possible lead time from the first step to the last for rapid feedback. The time of “defect created” to the time of “defect corrected” needs to be as fast as possible, which is supported by our lean thinking approach that enables mistake-proofing first, followed by a rapid response to issues.

Safety First

Every building block of the Primus Production System creates enablement of safety. Safety is our primary concern, both internally with our employees and externally with our suppliers and customers. We consider safety to be applicable to the products we build, as well as the information we manage to produce and deliver our products.

Primus Logistics

The logistics driving our business operations are imperative. Primus Logistics is an approach that ensures we have the right part, at the right location, at the right time – and it also refers to much more than the final product. Logistics in our world includes every supply, tool, and piece of equipment required to meet customer demands.

Consistent Customer Value

With a customer-centric business model, we think of everyone in the value stream as the customer. Our goal is to have an innovative review of each “job to be done” (JTBD), which requires us to consider all possible outcomes, both desired and not desired.

The Primus Lean Six Sigma program supports good strategy and execution, giving us a true strategic advantage over our competitors.