Eliminating Manufacturing Error with Multi-Axis Machining

Complex, Critical Parts Require Precise and Tight Tolerance Machining Techniques

Behind the most complex aerospace and defense parts in the world is multi-axis machining. There is no room for manufacturing error when so much rests on the mission-critical performance of each component, and we ensure our solutions meet or exceed even the most stringent customer and program specifications.

What is Multi-Axis Precision Machining?

Components for aerospace and defense applications are often highly complex and require a range of tolerances, resistances, and exacting measurements. Primus is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements with the use of advanced precision CNC equipment. 

Our multi-axis equipment is able to move in up to 7 directions to cut complex angles, produce shapes and arcs, and sculpt various materials. 

  • Creates improved surface finishes with close cutting that results in fewer vibrations, higher quality,  and faster production times
  • Requires fewer set-ups, lowering the risk of losing precise alignment for the drilling process
  • Reduces cost and production times by cutting material in one place with one machine

Our Multi-Axis Machining Equipment

At Primus, we have an expansive fleet of equipment with more than 60 primary machines, including:

  • Citizen Swiss 9-Axis centers
  • Velo Sapphire 3D Titanium Printer
  • Okuma 5-Axis Vertical Milling centers
  • Okuma 6-Axis Mill-Turn center
  • Mori DMG 7-Axis mill turn machines
  • Mori DMU 5-Axis milling machines
  • Mazak 4-Axis CNC vertical machining centers
  • Mazak 5-Axis milling machines
  • Doosan 4-Axis milling machines
  • Doosan VTL
  • Haas 3-4-5-Axis milling machines
  • Matsuura 5-Axis milling centers
  • Brother High Speed 3-5-Axis milling centers
  • SNK CNC turning centers
  • Okuma 5-Axis milling machines
  • Haas CNC turning centers
  • FMS q/ 48 station pallet system
  • Fanuc robotic loading systems
multi-axis machining

Machining Capabilities

Our full complement of high-quality machinery allows us to deliver a range of services that enable precision manufacturing of complex and mission-critical parts.

  • 5-axis aerospace machining

  • Complex milling and turning

  • Exotic material machining

  • Casting and forging machining

  • Thin-walled machining

  • Micro-tube machining and bending

  • Gear racks and gear pinions

We Don’t Just Create a Part, We Perfect It

Our years of experience working with highly-complex aerospace and defense designs has given us a unique advantage over competing suppliers who may possess the right machining equipment but lack the right level of program experience.

  • Turnkey Program Management and Integration
  • Secondary Machining, Finishing, Assembly, and Testing
  • Design and Engineering Support
  • Prototype and Full-Run Production Capabilities

Meeting Industry Specifications Within Exacting Tolerance Thresholds

Our capabilities in producing machined components include a wide range of tolerances.

  • 5-Axis Machining: .060” to 60” in rotation
  • Complex Milling: .060” to 84” in length
  • Complex Turning: .060” to 38” in diameter
  • Thin-Walled Machining: .101” wall thickness on cylindrical housings, deep pocket milling and micro-tubing
  • Dimensional tolerances are held to 0.0001” +/-
  • Measurement tolerances are held to 0.0000020”

Learn more about our commitment to quality and how it is applied to every area of our work.