Exceptional Aerospace and Defense Program Management

Delivering on Your Exacting Specifications

With vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities, we offer turnkey program management governing the manufacturing of high-precision, high-complexity machined parts and assemblies for aerospace and defense.

Overseeing the Entire Manufacturing Program

From engineering and design to tooling, multi-axis precision machining, assembly, and specialty processes, we manage the entire manufacturing program. Our services incorporate robust, end-to-end quality assurance and we administer program-specific inventory systems that align with custom workflows and stock control policies.

A Different Type of Manufacturing Supplier Partnership

We are committed to offering a layer of customer service and attentiveness that is not common in our industry. Throughout our partnership, you will always have a designated customer service representative to provide updates and information.


Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We understand the mission-critical nature of your business, so we make it our priority to fulfill your quote on time with absolutely no sacrifice to the precision, accuracy, or quality of the product. Our manufacturing operations are designed to meet high production rates and deliver on exacting specifications. It’s why we’ve been successful for more than three decades, and why we continue to lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our commitment to quality and how it is applied to every area of our work.