Precision Machining for Aerospace and Defense: Value Added Services for Aerospace and Defense OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers

Primus Aerospace offers a variety of value-added services in addition to CNC machining, providing a turnkey contract manufacturing solution to aerospace and defense OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers. These additional services allow Primus to perform most manufacturing in-house, saving valuable time and money for our clients, while reducing supply chain disruption risk. These services include […]

How to Sell Your Machine Shop: Considering a Merger or Acquisition

Secure your company’s legacy. You spent decades building your company. Don’t let the hard days and long nights be only for the history books. Selling your machine shop allows the legacy of your machine shop to continue into the future.  Trying to figure out if you should sell your machine shop or just close it […]

Production Work with Aluminum Bar Stock: Selecting Raw Materials for Lean Manufacturing

Aluminum Bar Stock

Achieving high rate production of machined components requires raw materials that can keep pace with manufacturing. Primus Aerospace utilizes aluminum bar stock to supply CNC lathes for aerospace and defense production. Our purchasing, material handling, and operations teams are very familiar with the processes necessary to ensure steady production. Example raw materials used for production […]

Mill Turning: A CNC Machining Technique for Parts Production

What is mill turning? Mill turning is the CNC machining technique of utilizing a single machine to perform both milling and turning (lathe) operations to produce a part. The use of a single machine to perform both types of cutting operations can simplify the production flow of a part through a CNC machine shop. It […]

Our Value Chain Partners for Aerospace and Defense Metal Parts Finishing

Primus Aerospace and Raloid Corporation focus primarily on the production of machined parts, but our customers require completed parts / assemblies that can be readily assembled into weapon systems, aircraft, and spacecraft. This means that we maintain strong relationships with a variety of companies that provide finishing services to prepare the metal parts for usage. […]

CNC Machinists are Essential to Aerospace and Defense Metal Parts Manufacturing

CNC machinists are critical to manufacturing metal parts for the aerospace and defense industries and make up the backbone of Primus’ defense oriented machine shop. A common misconception is that manufacturing in the United States is disappearing due to outsourcing to low-cost countries (LCC). However, there are actually over 12 million filled manufacturing jobs, and […]

Why Being an AS9100 Machine Shop Puts Primus Ahead of the Game

AS9100 Machine Shop

Primus Aerospace is an AS9100D certified manufacturer of aerospace and defense components. AS9100 machine shop certification is a critical certification for aerospace manufacturers. What is AS9100? AS9100 is a widely recognized quality management system (QMS) standard and is a mark of excellence for manufacturers in the aerospace & defense industry. The AS9100 standard is based […]