Primus Aerospace specializes in the hardware used for electronic systems on commercial aircraft and ground defense communication systems. This includes navigation, display, radar, radio, and other flight instruments and management hardware. We provide component level and subassembly services to ensure our client’s needs are supported through their final integration process. We also support spares and aftermarket components for the platforms we produce.

We offer high-complexity, 5 axis machining of 3D printed components, which are available in both large and small envelope sizes. We also provide production for low and high volume platforms.


Components & Services

  • Design for Manufacturability Analysis
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Assembly & Integration (including electrical assembly)
  • Chassis
  • Heat Syncs
  • Doors
  • Mounting Bases
  • Pedestals


We pride ourselves in our ongoing efforts to ensure the quality of all our hardware. We perform different testing processes, such as helium leak checking, conductivity, and continuity testing along with J specks soldering & Hipot testing.

Why Primus Aerospace

Primus offers a broad array of build-to-print manufacturing and integration services, including multi-axis machining, mechanical and electrical assembly, testing services, and design support. Serving most major Prime and OEM organizations across the industry, Primus is expanding our customer base each year, increasing our capabilities, continuously improving our processes, and strategically aligning to our customers’ needs. If you’re ready to get started on your next project, contact us today.

Design Support
Design Support
Component Manufacturing
Component Manufacturing
Assembly & Integration
Assembly & Integration
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Program Management

Our Customers Include: