Manufacturing of Military Fuzing & Ordnance Components

Fuzing systems are the primary components that initiate the charge to munitions and ordnance system and are highly critical to our U.S. military and international allies.  These can be highly complex systems used for ground, water, or air applications and must not only be operator safe but extremely reliable in all conditions. These are mission-critical components and assemblies which require flawless performance in all conditions.  They are often manufactured in combination with safing and arming devices which further protect our military personnel. The fuzing and ordnance systems can be mechanical and electro-mechanical in nature and designed for reliability, accuracy, and high performance.              

Fuzes are used by all branches of the U.S. military.  Examples include:

  • Army
    • Artillery munitions fuzes
      • M732 multi option fuze for 105mm and 155mm projectiles
      • M782 MOFA fuze for the M795 155mm projectile
    • Mortar systems
      • M52 fuze for 60mm and 81mm mortars
      • M525 super quick point detonating (SQPD) fuze for 60mm and 81mm mortars
      • M734 multi option fuze for the  M933 120mm cartridge
    • Indirect infantry fire systems
      • 40MM rounds for the MK-19 and M203 / M230
  • Navy
    • Fuzes for naval guns (e.g., Mark 88 round for the Mark 45 Mod 4 lightweight gun system)
    • Naval mines fuzes
    • Naval aviation utilizes electro-mechanical and all electric fuzes on their ordinance (such as the FMU-143 and FMU-152 for the GBU-31A and GBU-24 series munitions)
      • DB-139 is the new all-electric fuze for Air Force and Navy GBU applications
  • Air Force
    • Fuzes are integral to advanced areal bombs, such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition
      • FMU-139
      • FMU-140
      • FMU-142
      • FMU-152
      • FMU-159
    • Air-to-air missiles (AIM-9X uses a passive IR/HF fuze)
  • Marines – similar to applications by the Army (on artillery and mortar systems) and Air Force / Navy (on bombs and missiles)

Primus Aerospace is a supplier of proven high volume, close tolerance machining, and electro-mechanical assembly within the fuzing and ordnance sector.  Primus’s machining and assembly teams are capable of supplying fuzing components or fuzing assembly directly to OEMs and Defense Primes.   Our long-standing experience includes complex machining, assembly, and integration of these devices offering our customers unparalleled quality, delivery, and process optimization.  We offer years of engineering support experience and dedicated resources to ensure the highest performance for our customers, exemplified by our Supplier of the Year awards to major fuzing and ordnance prime suppliers.  Primus Aerospace’s value contribution includes the following capabilities: 

  • Highly complexity, high-volume Swiss machining to extremely tight tolerances
  • High-speed mill and mill-turn machining producing automated, Statistically Process Controlled (SPC) components
  • Electro-mechanical assembly, soldering, and testing
  • Complete supply chain management of non-manufactured components
  • Seasoned program management to ensure close customer interface and exceptional service


Primus Aerospace partnered with a prime U.S. Defense contractor under a preferred supplier relationship to support activities beyond the typical SOW for outsourced built-to-print manufacturing.  Please refer to our case study to understand more about our capability and support of multiple programs and requirements containing highly complex, fuzing components. This long-standing supplier-customer relationship has created outstanding success for both parties across multiple programs and end customers.  The customer chose to partner with Primus over a machine shop near their operation because of capability to support high volume production, assembly capabilities, and Primus’s stellar reputation.  


We implement stringent quality assurance programs to make sure our customers only receive the highest grade components for use in their systems.  We have an extensive range of quality certifications and testing capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Multi-System Variance Analysis
  • Analysis of Variances (ANOVA)
  • Real-time Quality Analysis of Data
  • AS9102 FAI Reports
  • Manufacturing Control Plans
  • Inspection Control Plans
  • PPAP – Level 1, 2 & 3
  • AS 9100:2016 certified
  • SPC
  • Gage R&R
  • Cpk/Ppk
  • GD&T Fluency
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Hi-pot testing
  • Conductivity and continuity testing
  • Helium leak checking
  • Soldering quality inspections

Why Primus Aerospace

Our years of experience working with complex aerospace and defense designs gives us the upper hand over competitors who will find it difficult to match our level of experience.  Our Six Sigma certification and Lean methodologies highlight our commitment to process improvement and error reduction. For more information about our processes, certifications, or capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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