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Navy Hypersonic Missile

Hypersonic Weapons Development Requires High Precision, Complex Machining and Assembly Manufacturing

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  What are hypersonic weapon systems? Hypersonic weapons are missiles that travel at speeds in excess of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound).  These extreme speeds are intended to make them very difficult to intercept and able to surprise an enemy with a precision strike. They also differ from ballistic missiles in that […]

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Announcing Primus Aerospace’s Recent Acquisition of Paradigm CNC

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Expanding capabilities within low volume, high-complexity 5-axis machining to serve the space and satellite markets Lakewood, Colorado – Primus Aerospace, a leading supplier of complex machining and integrated assemblies for the Aerospace, Defense and Space markets, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Paradigm CNC. Primus Aerospace’s customer base requires the most demanding standards […]