Precision multi-axis machining for aerospace & defense

5 and 7 axis machining is required to produce the most complex aerospace, space, and defense parts and consequently precision multi-axis machining is the epitome of the contract manufacturing world.  Due to complexity and critical nature of manufactured products within the aerospace & defense industry, there is no room for manufacturing error as the slightest miscalculation can have devastating consequences for the platform mission.  As such, precise & tight tolerance machining techniques are required to ensure that each solutions meets or exceeds stringent customer & program specifications.

With over 30 years of experience, Primus Aerospace has grown into one of the leading providers of high-quality, high-complexity precision machining services for the aerospace & defense industry.  Our experienced team leverages a world-class manufacturing operation to deliver products of any production quantity ranging from low-volume prototypes and development programs to high-volume production runs.

What is Multi Axis Precision Machining?

Components used in aerospace & defense applications are often highly complex and require a wide range of tolerances, resistances, and exacting measurements.  Few machining suppliers are capable of providing the level of complexity and precision necessary to produce parts to the stringent specifications required for mission success.

Aerospace & defense clients rely heavily on precision machining partners to provide parts and components that will operate safely and effectively, while maintaining the greatest cost-effectiveness and highest quality & delivery standards.  Only advanced precision CNC equipment is capable of bringing the innovative designs of the aerospace industry to reality.  Computer-controlled machining allows for reliability and repeatability during production runs, ensuring that all parts come off the production lines within tolerance limits

At Primus Aerospace, we provide a comprehensive range of fabrication services to meet almost any design specification.  We have invested in state-of-the-art technology & equipment to process multi-axis machined parts in large volumes quickly and seamlessly to remain at the forefront of manufacturing trends & capabilities.

Our expansive fleet of machining equipment includes more than 60 primary machines:

  • Citizen Swiss 9-axis Centers
  • Velo Sapphire 3D Titanium Printer
  • Okuma 5-axis Vertical Milling Centers
  • Okuma 6-axis Mill-Turn Center
  • Mazak 5-axis Vertical Milling Centers
  • Mori DMG 7-axis Mill Turn Machines
  • Mori DMU 5-axis Mill Turn Machines
  • Mazak 4-axis CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • Haas 3-4-5-axis Milling Machines
  • Matsuura 5-axis Milling Centers
  • Brother High Speed 3-5-axis Milling Centers
  • Okuma CNC Turning Centers
  • Hass CNC Turning Centers
  • FMS w/ 48 Station Pallet System
  • Fanuc Robotic Loading Systems

This full complement of high-quality machinery lets us deliver a range of skills and services, such as:

• 5-Axis Aerospace Machining
• 3D Printing
• Complex Milling & Turning
• Exotic Material Machining

• Casting & Forging Machining
• Thin-Walled Machining
• Micro-Tube Machining & Bending
• Gear Racks & Gear Pinions

In addition to our advanced fabrication offerings, we also offer other supporting services including:

• Turnkey Program Management & Integration
• Secondary Machining, Finishing, Assembly & Testing
• Design & Engineering Support
• Prototype & Full-Run Production Capabilities

Furthermore, our staff is highly trained in the use of all of our equipment and processes, enabling us to tackle even the most demanding aerospace projects.   Our years of experience working with complex aerospace & defense designs gives us a unique advantage to competing suppliers who may possess the right machining equipment & tools, but lack Primus Aerospace’s level of program experience. Our skilled & experienced engineering team doesn’t just fabricate your design, we help you improve it until it is perfect.

Size & Tolerance Capabilities

The machined components we produce require a high level of precision. Our capabilities include tolerances such as:

  • 5-axis machining = .060″ to 60″ in rotation
  • Complex milling = .060 to 84″ in length
  • Complex turning = .060 to 38″ in diameter
  • Thin-walled machining = .010″ wall thickness on cylindrical housings, deep pocket milling and micro-tubing
  • We hold dimensional tolerances to 0.0001″ +/- and measurement to 0.0000020″

When it comes to parts and components in the aerospace industry, there is little-to-no room for manufacturing error, as the slightest miscalculation often has devastating consequences. As such, precise machining techniques are required to ensure components meet or exceed stringent industry specifications within exacting tolerance thresholds.


Aerospace & defense parts are typically constructed from a wide range of exotic & durable materials.  Based on the nature of their application, these materials may need to withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures & pressures, excessive vibrations and corrosion.

At Primus Aerospace, we have significant experience with a wide range of metals, including:

• Aluminum
• Beryllium
• Brass
• Bronze
• Ceramic
• Cobalt
• Haynes 230
• Hastelloy
• Hyperco
• Inconel
• Invar
• Kovar
• Monel
• MP35N
• Stainless Steels
• Tantalum
• Titanium
• Tungsten
• 350 Maraging Steel


The aerospace & defense industry is known for its stringent quality standards & specifications.  Primus Aerospace stands apart from the competition with our vast number of qualifications & certifications making us a trusted manufacturer that is qualified to provide manufacturing services for a broad range of applications.

With our ISO 9001:2018 and AS 9100 certified Quality Management Systems, we make sure all of our fabricated parts & components are manufactured to the highest quality and fit for use in aerospace & defense applications.  Our output of quality is further supplemented by our Six Sigma processes and commitment to lean initiatives which further highlights our commitment to continuous process improvements and error reduction.  We also utilize Levels 1, 2 & 3 PPAP approval processes to verify the quality of manufacturing materials.  The combination of all these processes ensure that products can be consistently reproduced at expected production rates.

Other widely recognized industry standards that we comply with include:

• ASME Y14.5.2009
• GD&T

A Robust Partner for the Aerospace Industry

Primus Aerospace possesses the capability to manufacture a broad spectrum of parts for various industry components, such as:

• Actuators, Heads
• Bushings, Housings
• Cams, Manifolds
• Castings, Panels
• Clamps, Pans
• Fittings, Shafts
• Satellite Hardware
• Gears, Splined Shafts
• Doors, Panels
• Thrusters, Valves

Our 24/7 operations, world-class equipment portfolio, robust supply chain, and experienced technical & customer service teams allow us to meet the most demanding production & delivery needs without compromising quality.

If you would like to learn more about our precision machining capabilities and how they can benefit your application, contact us here

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