Combining Intelligent Product Design with Sophisticated Manufacturing Processes

Reliable Support for Complex Parts Design

Our design support services are intended to help streamline your supply chain by delivering complex parts and components in your desired quantity and volume with consistency, the highest quality, and in line with your exact specifications.

Rapid Prototyping and Development Capability

While our designers and engineers work through the initial product design iterations, we are simultaneously configured to produce prototypes and low-rate initial production (LRIP) parts rapidly and with the highest level of accuracy. 

Process, Simulation, and Optimization

Our unique proficiency with exotic alloys comes from a long history of completing aerospace and defense projects for high-performance applications, as well as consistently elevating the skills of our engineering and machining teams. 

Reflecting Industry Values

The aerospace and defense industries are constantly evolving, requiring tighter, more stringent performance capabilities and compliance requirements. We work with our customers to reflect shared industry values and deliver on those at each step in the design process.